Office Run

Free and exclusively on PC! Office Run is an endless runner game built around the office theme with 6 playable characters, leveling system, skills, upgrades, power-up items and online highscores. Start as new Intern in the company and move up the ladder until you become the next CEO!

You can choose from two modes – Campaign and Arcade.


You start as new Intern in the company and your goal is to become the CEO. You must gain experience and improve skills with collected coins in order to get promoted. You can also upgrade abilities of your character.

Arcade mode

Don’t want to be bothered with improving skills and upgrading abilities? Try Arcade mode! You can choose from three difficulties (Casual, Normal, Hard) and challenge other players to beat your online highscore!

  • Free
  • Campaign
  • Arcade mode (Casual, Normal, Hard)
  • 6 playable characters
  • 21 levels
  • Skills
  • Upgrades
  • Item shop with power-ups
  • Online highscores
  • Advanced lightning
  • Steam achievements & stats
  • Full controller support
  • Steam cloud
Halloween Run

This DLC contains completely new environment with spooky atmosphere and new themed obstacles. Gameplay’s core comes from the base game’s Arcade mode with three difficulties and introduces cycles. The first half of the cycle the player runs forward, the second half switches to backwards run during which the player is trying to get away from the monster hunting him. There are 7 cycles, each with different monster and increasing difficulty. Can you survive all of them?

Released On

1 Jun, 2022


Adrian Siska


Runner, Casual, Indie, Action


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