Adrian Siska

Writer | Game developer

Adrian is one of those people who probably spend more time in their own imagination than in the real world. From a young age, he found reality somewhat mundane, often escaping to awe-inspiring imaginary worlds filled with captivating stories to ward off everyday boredom. He was born and lives in Slovakia, the little heart of Europe.

He was always very good with numbers and analyzing everything, or maybe over-analyzing would be a better term. His analyzing part was especially annoying to a lot of people, even to some members of his family. He was a very smart kid and he never let anyone get away with any sort of bullshit, so he was never exactly a popular person among social groups.

Although his major at university was economics and management, his favorite subject during university studies was psychology. “It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and others thanks to simple understanding of how the human mind works” he says, “It’s like a beautiful puzzle.”

He worked five years as a freelance translator and during this time he started to write all his works in English. Then he made a radical change in his career and worked for four years as an accountant for a big corporation. Yes, you read that right. Although it was very demanding and sucked out all of his creative energy from him for many years, he also met a lot of great people and gained a lot of inspiration along the way throughout this experience.

More as a hobby than a career, he was pursuing filmmaking and writing screenplays for some time and for a very brief moment he was also trying to grasp knowledge of programming and creating video games during high school. After years he finally decided to transform his stories and ideas into books. His debut novel The Next Step released in 2020. The science fiction story about Adam Moore and his love broke many hearts since then. The book received mostly positive feedback all around the world. Audiobook narrated by AI released in 2023 for free on his YouTube channel.

After 15 years since the high school experience with developing video games, Adrian decided to give a second chance to this hobby of his and this time he stuck to it. His first game called Office Run released on Steam in June 2022 and received mostly positive feedback.

Professionally, Adrian currently works as a programmer of automated solutions for finance and accounting processes.

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