Wonder Ball

An action 3D platformer with fast-paced gameplay and low-poly style graphics, inspired by the greatest classics of the genre. Full of platforming levels, combat arenas, many collectibles and secrets. Explore five worlds of Cyberland and save them from the malicious Virus and its army of bots!


Peaceful worlds of Cyberland are under attack by the malicious Virus and its army of bots! Now it’s up to you to take control of Wonder Ball and save Cyberland before it’s too late!

Core Gameplay

Many of the greatest classics of the platforming genre are filled with crates or some other blocks to destroy. Wonder Ball stays true to this beloved mechanic and gives players multiple options on how to deal with crates. You can dash, slam, or use Wonder Ball’s attack ability to destroy them!

Explore Cyberland

Wonder Ball is an action-packed 3D platformer where you explore five worlds of Cyberland. Every world is essentially a massive hub, full of platforming levels, combat arenas, many collectibles, and secrets. Choose your level of exploring at the start of the game or change it anytime during gameplay by customizing markers shown on the compass. Or turn the compass off completely and become a true explorer!

Every hub is filled with numerous collectibles of different kinds. Collecting coins will help you get extra repair kits and gems will grant you extra shields which will become vital while fighting in combat arenas. Collected microchips can be used to upgrade Wonder Ball’s abilities and become a real threat to the Virus and its bots.

Combat Arenas

Battle against an army of bots spawned by the Virus in combat arenas of increasing difficulty and earn all the medals!

Platforming Levels

Challenges built to test your platforming skills with an optional reward for destroying all crates.

Time Attack & Survival Mode

As you progress through the game’s main story mode, you will unlock two arcade modes featuring online leaderboards. Challenge yourself to achieve the best time on all platforming levels in Time Attack mode, or battle through waves of bots in Survival mode to get the highest score across all combat tiers.

Customize your game experience

Wonder Ball offers a variety of gameplay settings. You can customize the compass, camera, key bindings, and all sorts of graphics settings as well. My game also comes equipped with support for FSR, DLSS, and DLAA. Note: The performance improvement gained from upscaling technology may vary depending on the hardware used.

Dátum vydania

Q4 2024


Adrián Šiška


3D Platformer, Indie, Action


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